My trip in Paris

Hi to everybody,
today i left Denmark(it was so sad to say good bye to my German best friend Janine ) to go to Paris to visit my french friend Fabien....i am so happy to see him again....Today we have almost just eated and bought food but tomorrow i will start really to visit Paris,so just fun fun fun....It is also holiday here in Paris and there are a lot of parties in this period... Any way from the laptop of Fabien i will say enjoy to everybody... Mary

PS the photo is from Fabien :P


The best of Friends

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myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphics
The Best of Friends
© Jill Wolf, sent by Wendy Hinson

The best of friends,
Can change a frown,
Into a smile,
when you feel down.

The best of friends,
Will understand,
Your little trials,
And lend a hand.

The best of friends,
Will always share,
Your secret dreams,
Because they care.

The best of friends,
Worth more than gold,
Give all the love,
A heart can hold.


My erasmus(post 5)

Ok i will continue to show you and to everybody the picture of my erasmus, I don't know how many pictures i can show you any more but i try more as possible...Take a look...
The following pictures are of my other friends at the Halloween party

Now i show u some picture of the second italian dinner:

and one boy from German in the town hall...He is so nice boy....

and finally the party of martina for your birthday...Martina is a Girl from Italy (Florence) and she study something about letters if i remeber well...Sorry but my memory is really bad...Martina's photo is followed from the photo of a Spanish girl really friendly and so nice ...and after a photo in group

Theseare picture of my friends in the cantine of university and of the university in Denmark in which i studied
THe following is a picture with a group of Australians and polish,holland and italian girl (me) during a dinner in a place of an australian girl..

The following is a picture of two of my friend during a party in one collegium...Gunnar from Denmark and the other girl from check republic
The following picture is of me and my German friend during a movie in the park of university in a summer night...

THank u for the lecture and of course ENJOY


My erasmus(post4)

Hi to everybody,today i will continue to show you my friends of my erasmus...Any way when the denmark today is finished my experience at University is started and also if it was not so good any way i say thank u because it was an experience...I did two exams in total but i don't care for one reason: i am happy that i had the time to go out and to turn around denmark with soe trips...to see several places and to be considered an adult person from every body...so...the adult people is going to come back in Italy in one mounth but also she is going to visit some friends around Europe...i wonna show you someone else and talk you about them...are u ready?....Let's start:
First thing that i show u are the picture of the first italian dinner in Denmark...Take a look:

These are Giovanni(that study sports)from Italy,Carlo(that study Computer science)from Italy,Massi(biology)from Italy.

These are Matteo from Italy,Stefano(that study computer science)from Italy and the ther guy is from Italy too but i don't remember the name...he is from Torino but study in Rome.
This is me Marianna from Italy and i study Computer Science...Now i show u some picture of Hallowen 31 october...take a look:

These are Carlo and Stefano of computer science...they were so nice girl do u don't think so?

Now from the left Stefano from Italy(Computer science)me from Italy(computer science),Fabien from France(geography)...i like him...he is one of the my best friens in Denmark and u what think about him?he is so nice and i think that he have charme what do u think?I am going to visit him...I am so happy to see him again...

They are from the left Daniel from Australia(he study economy),some girl from German if i remember but i am not able to remember name and all staff sbout her,Janine from German(she study politics) and she is my really best friend in Denmark...i am going to miss her too much,i am going to miss our dinner,our shopping and every thing that i did with her..I hope that we will see anymore because i really don't want lost the friendship with her..we are so similar in ideas and way to do and in the behaviour,in the mood also some times...Any way that i will be sad to lost her frindship...i hope to see her again maybe she visit me in Italy and i will go to visit her in German...and Sabrina from German too.

They are Peter and Laura from Australia...They followed the danish course with me...

They are a group of my friend from German,of course there are Sabrina and Janine...

They are my Parisian Friend Fabien...(i talked yet about him) and my spanish friend Abigail from Alicante...She is so pretty i think...any way she is really sweet trust me...

They are Janine from German(i talked yet about her) and Lucka from Check Republic(i don't know if is writed correctly)but any way i hope to see her anymore always...She is so friendly..

They are some of my friends from the English course,from the left one girl from Spain,my teacher from America,one boy from japan,another boy from Spain and me of course..we were in a american pub...Enjoy

They are from the left my friend from German,Leonardo from Italy(european studies), Diego from Italy too(economy),Janine from German(another time),James from New Zeland...he is so nice ;)

And these two girl were my room mates...Marianne and Karianne from Norway...they study languages and fisiotherapy...we were in an Irish pub...that night we becamed so drunk...It was so funny...

At the next appointment guys...Enjoy

Welcome in my blog

Welcome in my blog