Post on the nature...Fields of Voluntary service Legambiente ITA

From 12 years the Field Voluntary service of Legambiente move volunteers for the protection of the patrimony all over the world acclimatizes them, historical and cultural through the Fields of Voluntary service. The participants are engage to you in recovery activity and restoration acclimatizes them, study and naturalistic and archaeological search, you live underwater etc; the slid year the persons have been beyond 2200 who, you tuck the sleeves, have carries out jobs of improvement of natural atmospheres and sensibilitation to you of the local populations, of study of the historic-cultural resources and surveillance of the forest patrimony, promoving the echo-compatible use of the areas of naturalistic and cultural relief.
Approximately 85% of our fields one carries out in Parks and Natural Reservoirs, becoming an appreciable instrument of collaboration with the Administrations of the same ones. The voluntary service fields are also possibility of development in areas economically depressed, because they supply opportunity of job to local cooperatives that engage themselves in the following jobs begin to you with the aid of the volunteers.

The volunteers live dipped in the local culture, not only during the working activity (approximately 6 hours to the day), but above all during the rest of the day: during the excursions, you debate and the encounter with the local population regularly organized from our groups. The contact with the local populations is fundamental and constitutes the base for the organization and the development of all our plans of voluntary service, creating one strongly opportunity of intercultural exchange in particular between the local young people and the voluntary bearers of other cultures, favoring therefore one upgrades them emancipation of the residents in depressed culturally areas. Moreover the fields carry out all the year, favoring therefore microeconomicses addressed to the echo-compatible tourist development also in low season.

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